Monthly Seasons

A New Monthly Format for Moonshot Baseball Simulated Games


On the 1st day of each month (~5AM EST) a snapshot will be taken on the Overall Moonshot Leaderboard to determine each user’s division
This overall leaderboard is sorted by Overall ELO, this ELO Rating is affected when a user plays a ranked match against any other user


Each Division is comprised of 20 Teams. The divisional standings for the month are sorted by Monthly ELO, this ELO Rating is affected when a user plays a ranked match against any divisional opponent during that month
Divisional Standings


Throughout the month there will be random intra-divisional ranked matches automatically sent to the game queue. These ranked matches will not include any wagered Baseballers. This will guarantee that every team in a division plays a given number of games each month.
It is up to each user to decide their strategy of which other intra-divisional ranked matches they want to play to work their way up the standings. 🧠


At the end of each month, the top 12 teams in each division will go on to play in their division’s final bracket. These bracket games will be played at the beginning of the following month.
  • Single Elimination; Best of 1 for each round
  • Top 4 Seeds have a 1st round bye
Bracket format for each Division


Prizes will be announced for each Division at the start of each month in the ┋🏟┋league-prizes channel of our discord​
February 2022 League Prizes


To get in the next month's season you simply need to create a team on our website.
Once you have a team saved, you simply need to post a message in our discord in the #✅verify-team channel to get your team verified. Once you are verified, you just need to play a ranked match on our website to be entered into the next Moonshot Season