6️⃣Moonshot Diamonds

Baseball Diamonds for the Moonshot Ecosystem


Each Moonshot Diamond NFT has a property that corresponds to a team, any Baseballers on your squad with a team background that matches your home stadium will get an extra boost when playing there (There are 16 Moonshot Diamond NFTs for each team)

Bonus Type:

There are 4 different bonus types

  • Pitching: Pitch Command (+0 all players, +1 if team match)

  • Hitting: Plate Discipline (+0 all players, +1 if team match)

  • Fielding: Fielding (+3 all players, +6 if team match)

  • Speed: Speed (+4 all players, +8 if team match)

(there are 4x Moonshot Diamond NFTs of each boost type for each team)


There are 20 1/1s in the collection

  • 10 of these will be the NFTs that finished in the top 10 of the Moonshot Playoffs Conest

  • The other 10 will be randomly distributed throughout the rest of the collection.

These NFTs will have added utility in that they will be associated with more than 1 Team & will have more than 1 Boost Type

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