What's to come for Moonshot Baseball

March 2023

  • ✔️ Implementation of FYB Farm Teams

  • ✔️ Implementation of Legend Farm Teams

  • ✔️ 2023 Main Collection Logic built on website

    • ✔️ Test Daily Contests for Spring Training games in Mid-Late March

Q2-Q3 2023

  • ✔️Create V2 of Moonshot Game Sim

    • ✔️Improved Visualizations & Sound

    • ✔️Added Logic for:

      • ✔️Runner's tagging up?

      • ✔️Double Plays?

  • ✔️Create Image Mapping For Moonshot Voyagers to Baseballers in your Lineup

    • 🏗️ Add in-game utility for non-Astronaut Voyagers

  • Create New Moonshot Game Formats?

    • Home Run Derby, etc?

  • Create Mini-Tournament Format?

    • User created with ability for others to join?

    • Token-Gated mini-tournaments with partner projects that are sponsoring monthly season prizes?

Q4 2023 - BEYOND

  • Baseballers Gen2 Collection

    • Mintable in packs?

  • Moonshot Accessories Collection

    • Could be assigned to a player to boost specific stats

    • Main Collection NFTs could eventually be converted to these the season after sell-out


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