Main Collection

30 Teams. 9 Positions. 270 Unique Combinations.
Main Collection NFTs
The Moonshot Baseball Main Collection is a collection of 270 ERC-1155 Tokens on the Polygon Blockchain; with a supply of 100x each. Each NFT corresponds to a specific team and a specific position, based on the performance of that team-position combination, you can win prizes every day there are games!
Moonshot Baseball is not associated nor affiliated with the MLB.

2023 Contest Format ⚾

Our New Daily Contest format for the 2023 Season
Last season there were 2 separate Daily Contests, with one for Hitters & one for Pitchers. This season, there will be 1 Daily Contest that takes a cumulative score across all Main Collection NFTs you own.
Positional Requirements ✔️
Each day, your highest scoring NFT across the following 4 positions will count towards your score:
  • P: Pitcher
  • INF: (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS)
  • OF: (LF, CF, RF)
  • FLEX: (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, DH)
Like in best ball, you will not need to set a lineup each day, but rather your highest scoring NFT across each position will be automatically taken
Team Boosts & DH 🗲
To be eligible to use a Team Boost or a DH for a given team, you must:
  • Have a complete farm system of Baseballers for that team
Example of a complete Farm System of Baseballers for BOS, OAK, & TOR
— — OR — —
  • Own a Moonshot Diamond with that team’s fence (or a 1/1 Diamond with that team on it)
Moonshot Diamond with BOS Fence
Team Boosts
To provide an added level of strategy this year, each user will be able to select a single team that they want to boost each day, this will give a 33% scoring boost for all NFTs of that team (rounded up)
Although there are still no Designated Hitter NFTs in the Collection, this season you will be able to use a DH! If you meet either of the above requirements for a given team at the start of that day’s games, you will have that team’s DH available as an additional scoring option for your FLEX position
Scoring: Total Bases 🔲
Total Bases Scoring: BB, HBP, Single = 1 Double = 2 Triple = 3 Home Run = 4
Hitter Scoring (all positions except for pitcher)
Total Bases (for the hitter who starts the game at that position for respective team)
15 — Total Bases Allowed (for all pitchers in that game for respective team)
Duplication Bonus
For every duplicate of an NFT you own, you will receive an additional point for that NFTs score:
Example: - Detroit: 3B scores 7 on a given day - If I own 3x of that NFT, I will instead get a score of 9 for Detroit: 3B
*A max of 4 additional points can be received in this way (there is no benefit to owning more than 5x of a given NFT)*
— — — — —
**If a team plays more than 1 game in a day (doubleheaders), each game will receive its own score
There is nothing you need to do to enter each daily contest, by owning the needed Moonshot Baseball NFTs you will be automatically entered into the daily contest
IMPORTANT: A Snapshot will be taken each day at the start of the first game to determine which wallets own which NFTs, so any NFTs purchased after that point will not count toward that day’s contest payouts
Daily Contest Prizes+Airdrops
🏆 1st Place: wETH prize + 1 FYB Kid 🥈 2nd Place: 1 Legend Baseballer 🔟 10th Place: 2 Baseballers 🍀 20th Place: 1 FYB Kid 💪 All other Top-20 Placements: 1 Baseballer
Calculation of Daily Prize Amount 💸
Starting Daily Prize: .03 ETH Prize will increase each week as the season progresses
All wETH payouts will be recorded on the My Winnings page

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