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Frontyard Baseball Kids


Frontyard Baseball Kids were originally a part of a separate project that was endeavoring to build a 3D P2E Baseball Game. Over 5,000 Kid NFTs were minted toward this goal, however the project eventually ran out of funds with no clear path forward.

All Frontyard Baseball assets were eventually transferred over to Moonshot Baseball after the original founders decided they could no longer develop the game any further.

This was not an “aquisition” as there was no transfer of funds involved in this handover, we at Moonshot were merely trying to do our best to revive a dead project with no path forward. We are thankful to have received control of the assets so that we can now we can integrate Kids as a major part of the Moonshot Ecosystem going forward.

FYB Kids in Moonshot Baseball

FYB Kids can be used in your Moonshot lineups in the same way as Moonshot Baseballers

  • FYB Kids are positionless, and thus can be played at any position

  • FYB Kids stats have been translated into Moonshot stats so that they can be used in Moonshot Baseball Games

  • All FYB Kids have a pitching stamina of 3 (# of outs they stay in the game)

You can view the Moonshot Stats of all of the Kids you own using the My FYB Kids tab on the website

Frontyard Baseball Kids are an important part of the Moonshot Ecosystem because their farm teams boost both FYB Kids AND Baseballers in your lineup, read here to learn more Moonshot Farm Systems

Frontyard Baseball Kid Links: MINT | Hawku | OpenSea

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